Monday, October 24, 2011

October 17, 2011

Hello mom!

Did you enjoy the pictures I sent?? hope ya did

Man the weeks are really flying by! its crazy! Its almost Halloween!

Everything is good out in Tampa. Transfers at the end of this week, so we'll find out whats going happen with us on Saturday.

Last Saturday we had breakfast at President Summerhays' house. It was so awesome, then we stretched and studied with him. He is soo flexible haha. And when were studying the Book of Mormon with him it was amazing. The man is so Christ like. It makes me want to be such a better missionary!

The work is going good, all teh investigators we have, all said that they would like to be baptized but not now, next month. We are working with them.

I can sorta speak Spanish a little bit now! haha but only a little bit!

Everything is going better, we are working harder, so that is helping alot.

Tell Matt and Grace hi for me!

Elder Kvash

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