Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

Hi Mom,

So you're going to hate me, but I need money again..I destroyed my tire and had to buy a whole new one...I don't have enough left on my card...sooo sorry, I feel really bad.

How's everything going? This week was transfers and I am not staying here in Tampa, Im going back to Sarasota to open that area back up. Im going to be with Elder taveras. He is a native speaker from the Dominican Republic. Im pretty excited. I am going to be in the same branch that I was in when I was serving in Bradenton, so it should be exciting!

This week was really awesome. WE had some great lessons with our investigators. WE decided to teach all of them about the Word of Wisdom and both lessons went super awesome - the spirit was super strong and there was no denying that it was there. They both committed to living the Word of Wisdom and they are both are - which is awesome! Then, I think think Friday we headed over to the mission office after studies because I got a new name tag because one of mine was broken, and on the way there we passed a Hispanic family and I had the thought to talk to them but I just kept riding, then Elder Garey forgot his key at home even thought he knew he put it in his we headed back home and rode past this family again. And when I rode past, my bike light fell off randomly and so I rode past them again to get it, then we continued on to the house. We both had the strong impression to turn around and go talk to them, so that is what we did, and I just asked them if they spoke Spanish, and then it took off and they knew where our chuch was and they said that they would come to church, and they did! we had 6 of our investigators at church, it was awedome!

Then last night there was a missionary fireside for all the youth in the ward and Elder Garey and I talked about the Book of Mormon.

Elder Garey went first and avoided anything religious about the book and talked about how bould not have been written in the 1800s. It was pretty cool. But then it was my turn and I tried to go spiritual and it happened to be. The spirit was so strong. It was amazing. It strengthened my testimony so strong by the looks of the youth as I spoke. I know that each and everyone of them felt the spirit and then I invited them all to just ask that night if it was true.

It was definitely one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever been in.

So yeah this was a good week

Love you guys,

Elder Vasher
P.S. Sorry again about asking for more money...don't blame me...blame Florida

October 17, 2011

Hello mom!

Did you enjoy the pictures I sent?? hope ya did

Man the weeks are really flying by! its crazy! Its almost Halloween!

Everything is good out in Tampa. Transfers at the end of this week, so we'll find out whats going happen with us on Saturday.

Last Saturday we had breakfast at President Summerhays' house. It was so awesome, then we stretched and studied with him. He is soo flexible haha. And when were studying the Book of Mormon with him it was amazing. The man is so Christ like. It makes me want to be such a better missionary!

The work is going good, all teh investigators we have, all said that they would like to be baptized but not now, next month. We are working with them.

I can sorta speak Spanish a little bit now! haha but only a little bit!

Everything is going better, we are working harder, so that is helping alot.

Tell Matt and Grace hi for me!

Elder Kvash

October 10, 2011

Hi mom,

My week was good except Erika didn't end up getting baptized because Elder Jenkins was crazy sick and they could never teach her.

I can't believe you haven't seen the team at all...what is happening to you!

How's that going with Bishop Vasher? that sounds weird

I am reading conference right now. It was awesome...I loved Elder Holland's talk!

Everything is good here in Tamps Florida!

Last Saturday we had a huge ward party! It was Hispanic night and everyone showed up with food and dances from all different countries! It was fun.  All the missionaries danced some line dance..then one did some cool breakdancing was pretty fun!

How is Joey with the new lady??hahaha

Love you mom

October 3, 2011

Hey mommmm,
Everything is going so awesome here in Florida.

Soooo about the pictures...I think I figured out a way to send them, and I am going to go look and get a gool to do it. So next week there should be pics...I hope

I loved Conference. President Uchtdorf's talk was absolute amazing, I loved it. And Elder Holland's was amazing. I thought of dad when he said "get in the game and stop dribbling the ball off your foot". I think hat was in Priesthood.

I got my bike fixed.

I love it here, the 9th I am going back to Bradenton for the baptism of Erika. Im so excited. She was the best.

Well sorry this letter stinks, I'll probably write another while I wait. haha

Love ya tons mom.

Oh I crashed...and I need some more that ok if I buy a pair maybe today?

September 26, 2011

Hi fam,

This week in Tampa...this week wasn't too exciting...not gunna lie haha. I crashed on my bike..haha but nothing too bad. It rained a whole bunch, and when I say a whole bunch I mean a whole bunch. Im kinda gettingsick but not really.

I got your package and I loved it, it made me all fat! haha. I was fat actually, in the 1st month of my mission I was up to 230 but now back to 215ish.

I got pulled over by the cops because we mainly work in this ghetto and they checking people for lights on their bikes and I didn't have mine on so they stopped me and I turned em on! then they asked me what we do and they were like "man, you are very brave for coming into this hood" and I was like thanks.

I just blew out a tire on mike...sooo I may need a little money. I like the new area its really and cool and we played bball last week and there are 2 pretty good players, so its fun.

Well that's kind of it for this week, Thanks mom, I love you, I really do!

Lover Elder Vasher

September 19, 2011

Dear fam,

The new area is pretty awesome! I love it here ! The ward is super awesome and yes, its an actual ward. Thanks for the package you sent, loved all the goodies.

So I guess my zone has the "best ball in the mission" , so we will see about that ;)  The new area is good,k the Spanish is coming great actually. I feel pretty comfortable in the language now. Its also pretty cool because we always President and Sister Summerhays which is awesome! Did I tell you Elder Nelson came last week? Yeah, it was awesome! You could just tell that he is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So how's everything with dad being the new bishop? kinda crazy? or what? (Andy was called as our ward's new Bishop the day before)

Still getting to know the people in my area but Tampa is a cool city. Oh and we have 6 missionaries in our ward which is crazy and we have an all Spanish districe which is pretty awesome.

How's the team looking? any studs??


Elder Vasher

September 12, 2011

Hola mami! Como va? todo bien? haha

That was Spanish...if you couldn't tell. Well, it was a very eventful week you could say. haha, Well Monday we went to a soccer game of a family in the ward for a little, then we went to appt that cancelled as we got there; then we met witha sweet investigator from Venezuela and she made us arrepas? I think that is how you spell it, they were deliciousa! haha then we taught her and her son and it went pretty good. The mom is kinda stuck in her ways doesn't think that there is just one gtrue church...which there is...but she says that she will read and pray which hans't happened, which gets kinda frustration and the people promise that they will be at church on Sunday and you really think they they will be there, then they don't and it breaks your heart...but on the other hand, when people when people do the things they should it makes kyour heart sooo full! and then do you remember that woman erika? Well she kept pushing our appointments back than we met with her last night and it went really good. I really love that family, they are amazing! It was sad to say goodbye, but I hope that I can come down for her baptism. She has a little boy is three and has autism and he is like Caden Anderson, he functions very well. Then on Friday, we got done with a lesson and we were hungry so we went to chilis and we kinda stayed longer than we wanted to but, then we drove to our appointment and we kinds just sat in the car for like a couple minutes. Then we were getting ready to get out then I was like, hey we didn't pray, so we prayed. Then all of a sudden we heard tires squeeling and screeching and 8 police cars showed up and surrounded us...well actually the house we were going to visit...and we just kinds chilled there because we didn'tw ant to suspicious or anything and just leave haha, so we were hanging out there. Then they all started searching the house and looking for stuff and they were calling to get permision to go in. They got it and looked for them, One of the undercover cops came up to us and was like "what are you doing here and do you know these people?" Then we explained we were missionaries ahd he just left. Then more cops came, it was crazy and there is a member who lives like two houses down and they thought the cops were surrounding us! It was crazy, then one of the cops was a member in the English ward and he came and talked to us and said we are free to go. He said we shouldn't go back there any more because its like the worst gang/drug house they deal with...sooo yeah, we were safe. But I think it was cool that we waited and didn't go in to visit with them, we would would have had a lot of problems. It turned out good, funny how the Lord protets us, huh.

Well that pretty much it..But I love you lots and and I miss you lots.