Monday, October 24, 2011

August 29, 2011

Hey Family!

I'm dry for now...but is is pouring outside!!! and thundering like crazy! Just another crazy day in Florida, right? HAHA hope everything is going super gooooood! everyone loves my bike! I may go get a rain jacket but we don't have many miles left so we shall see.  So I don't have a cord that works for my camera, but I think I saw one at WalMart, I'm gonna check it out, and Im going to buy clippers because my hair is suuper long...I really need to trim the mane.

We didnt get anything from Hurricane Irene. She turned and missed us! Good thing! There crazy loud thunder like every two minutes right now and it is pouring down!

haha its crazy that Matt's turning 13! Thats so crazy! How was the T Swift concert? Did you get me anythin? haha jk, Im all good.

But do you think you could send me some more CDs for my birthday? like maybe some piano hymns, the nashville tribute to missionaries and maybe some Jenny Oaks Baker?

Yesterday, guess what I did. Well I HAVE BLOOD AND PLATELETS! It was pretty cool.
This week was pretty cool and we had a ward talent show and all the missionaries did teh macarena and EVERYONE loved it! and Friday we were checking our mail and we met a lady from Venezuela and she said she had some faimly back in VEnezuela who are members and we met her and her sons, his girlfriend, and their cousin and it went super good! Its raining like crazy! They also invited us to a baseball game tonight!!! so I hope that it doesn't get cancelled!

I had a pretty good week, love everyone back at home!

Elder Vasher

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