Monday, October 24, 2011

July 21, 2011

Hey mom,

How's it going? I need money :) Sorry I'm a pit hole, but I need to take money out before I fly, can you send me a dear elder or something when you do put money in and tell me how much so that I can know and take some out...our you can send me some with my new package :)

So, this week has been good. I kinda think I am ready to speaka little spanish, but eeeeh don't know how ready I am to get crazy with all the native speakers.

I got my flight plans today so that was pretty awesome! And my comp and I got selected to be special missionaries who "teach" for all the new missionaries.

I have to be up like at 3:00 the day before I leave, crazy huh?! Make sure you let the fb world know :) I fly to Phoeni and then onto Tampa. I sups excited!

Love you mom!

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