Monday, October 24, 2011

August 8, 2011 part 2

Dear family,

It is quite hot in Florida! I did get my retainer and I went to put it on and it did NOT fit, so I forced it on, but now I have it on.

It is pretty sweet here. My companion is Elder Jenkins, he is a cool guy, from Plain City, Utah. haha, but the food is good here...haha for the most part. People feed you tons and tons here. No bike yet...well there wasn't a bike here when I was at the mission office.

I am in Brandenton right now. My area is HUGE, it covers Bradenton, Palmetto and Sarasota, Florida. Pretty sweet area, and we are on full car so we don't have to ride bikes ever, which is pretty awesome and we both have cell phones - kinda getting spoiled here haha.

President Summerhays is the collest! He plays at Utah in his days and he changed the rule about not playing full court basketball, so that is sweeet!

Now real mission stuff haha ... well the people we teach the most are already memebers and they are inactive, but we do go knock doors about once a day which is pretty cool, meet a lot of drunk people haha.

But I have been told that most Hispanic houses have mop and chairs out front of their house, so thats what we look for when we go knockin. So, one day were knocking in a apartment complex and there were a lot of non Spanish people so we about to go, but then we saw an apt tucked way in the back and it had chairs and a mop out frong. So we went and knocked it, and taught a great guy named Cesa Hernandez, he agreed to read and pray and then when we went back a couple of days later we found that he had read and prayed and said he knew the cnurch was true and we set a date for th 27th of thie month to get baptized. Its funny how the Lord will lead you to those that are prpared! But then later that night I got to baptize one of the hermanas that was super cool! Well today is my pday and I am in the libary!

Later in the morning:

MOOOOOOOM! hahahaha soo its raining and there is an alligator in my appt :)

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