Monday, October 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hey momma,

Sounds like an intense week in Salas! ahaha. Yes I got my sweet 1 speed bike, totally thought you were kidding, but its cool, maybe a little flashy, but I always lock it up then lock the tires up too haha. But, I like it, we rode for the 1st time Saturday and it was HOT. But, yeah, I like it I feel super cool riding, but my helmet is a little small...haha (If you have ever seen the size of his noggin.....)

Oh I plan on going to buy a rain jacket today! Sorry I haven't done that yet!

Yes, I heard that Jon was in St. George waiting for his visa. Bishop/President Varney told me haha. By the way, hows that going with him pulling double duty! He is the man!

Thanks for telling me about Tanner. That honestly made my whole month probably. When I first met him I wasnt sure if he would ge on a mission and now there he is! Man, that put me in the best mood ever! I soooo excited for him and I'll have someone to speak Spanish with! HAHA o jaja tal vez (whatever that means)

That's crazy about Preston...thats kinda wierd. Hope everything turns out ok!

So everyone's getting in? How is everything lookin? What's Shae's email - I wanna say hey to that cook kid. So you got to meet Lincoln? Who else is there. Is the practice gear cool? You should talk dad into sending me some of the shorts along with p90x. I feel like I'm getting fat doing nothing. jaja

That's so crazy that Matt's already in 7th grade. Time flies! I HAVE ALREADY ALMOST BEEN GONE FOR 3 MONTHS! Can you believe it??? Did you not get the pics I sent last week? and yeah, something happened to my memory card because ihad a TON of sweet MTC picx

Soo for the mission...what happened this week? Monday was cool, got to hoop with some of the elders in my zone. We still haven't had any more contact with Cesa, so that's sad, We went over to Erika's house and she taught us, which was cool, still doesnt have a date for baptism, but we will get one. Then we over to member's house for dinner and he is living some non-members and we got them to come to church and he said that they really enjoyed it, which was pretty awesome!

Saturday, we were on our bikes and we rode 10 miles out to this guys house just for him to tell us he didn't want us to come by anymore, so that was a bit frustrating...but then we looked around and talked to a couple of people and a crazy guy who invited himself to church, but he didn't show. We will probably go and see him sometime. A sister that Elder Jenkins has been working with for 4 months came to church. It was so awesome.

Iam doing great! Doing pretty good with the language and everything!

Love you guys!

Love Elder Vasher
P.S. Feel free to send some snacks

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