Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011

MOMMY! Its early in the morning but I just wanted to say hi and I will be on later!

Later in the day...

Been an awesome yet crazy week at the MTC. For the 4th of July, we had a special devotional on Saturday night and had President Stoddard talk and I guess he was an advisor to 3 US Presidents. He talked about the sacrifices that have been made for this land and that this is the land of promise. Then they had missionaries bring in flags from all the countries where missionaries are now serving and the Spirit was so strong and it bore witness to me that this is the Divine work.

Then Sunday, we had Jenny Oaks Baker, an amazing violinist. You definitely should check her out and if you feel so inclined, buy me a couple of her CDs and send them my way :)

Oh, in gym, this Elder disloacted his ankle. It was pretty gross (I think thats the first time there has been an injury on the court and it WASN'T KYLE hehe)

Language is coming along a lot better, I can pretty much teach in Spanish. I will send you a picture of me with the map today.

I hear that I am no longer the CFO of sleep???? (facebook status) What! haha just kidding.

I'm learning to play the piano! Feel free to send me some snacks if you would like.  My goal is to learn a hymn while I am here then I'm going to master it! My fingers feel like they are moving so fast now! I'm going to be as good as Gracie ! ;)

I will send you some pics and a card for Grace - should be there by Monday.

Miss all of you and love you guys tons.

Con Amor,
Elder Vasher

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