Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week one - down!

Hey mom,

Have you found my white pants? (note: he thought he left them home, they are no where to be found)

That's crazy about the Palma kids. (note: some high school kids were held up at one of the beaches). I will do my best to tell you everything hmmmmm.

Well, my district is HUGE. We have 13 elders and one solo sister. Being district leader is tough, I can't wait to get out into the field.

Spanish is coming along...haha little by little. My companion is a genius! He studies all day long without any breaks. He is amazing haha

We had Elder Kikuchi come and talk and it was amazing. Felt the spirit super strong. We went to the Temple today, it is amazing there.

I miss the fam and everyone at home lots.

Oh and they have this magic thing, its called ... its a website where you can write a letter and they delivery the same day

I  tried to upload some pics and I think I need a new camera...hahaha its not the most talented camera.

Love you guys!
Elder Vasher


  1. I like how he calls Dear Elder "this magic thing."
    I have used it many times and shall write him.

  2. He sounds so excited and ready to work. I am always amazed at our young missionaries and their strength. I'm going to tell Dylan to look for Elder :)